Contest: Be the first to get one - for free!

As you may have noticed, this project still has a pretty awkward name (in case you did not notice while watching the video: I am clearly not a marketing person :-)). But, here’s the deal:

If you think you have a better idea, mail it to [e-mail address removed for archival] (please don’t use the blog commenting system in order to prevent domain name warehousing). Throwing in some logo artwork can’t hurt! With a good idea and a bit of luck, your submission could be picked as the new official name of the project. As my reward to you, you would then get to own one of two existing prototypes of hardware version 0.0, the only other one being the device I am developing on. Even better: as the winner, you will get free upgrades to all hardware revisions released in the future.

Take it away!


PS.: Of course, there has to be some fineprint, to which you agree by entering the contest:

Contest ends July 19, 2009, 11:59pm PST, unless your contribution is so good that I choose to pick it anyway. If you tell others (=not me) about your idea, you will not win. If legislation forbids you to participate, don’t. If legislation forbids me to send you stuff, I won’t. Multiple proposals are okay, but make sure they’re good ones. By entering the contest, you agree to cede all rights in the contents of your submission. Should I go bankrupt somewhere in between, you’re out of luck with the “future hardware revisions” part (but then again, so am I). All decisions are final, all rights reserved.

Added July 8, 2009: Please do not enter if all you want to do is sell the thing on eBay. You should be determined to test the device with each and every game cart that comes your way, and to report bugs, if necessary.

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