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Final Funding Status:
(EUR 7757)
128 units preordered.
Last updated:
2011-07-1 0:22 UTC

Preordering has closed. Wow, what a success! My sincere thanks go out to everyone who contributed either by ordering, or by spreading the word.

Missed the preordering, still want a Retrode2?

Sure! Just head over to the online store; we have lots in stock.

Hi! I’m Matthias, a computer science graduate from Germany. I like building things that do stuff, and stuff that does things. And video games too. So it happened that in June 2009, I invented the Retrode, a USB adapter for retro gamers. Using the Retrode is easy as pie. Just install an emulator, plug in the device, game carts and controllers, and go. (If you want to watch me explain some of its features, check out this video. Or see the “About” page to get a rough idea.)

Since so many folks asked for it, I decided to turn the Retrode into a product, and had a batch of them made a while later. Can you believe that by now there are more than 250 Retrode users all over this planet? Many of them keep on coming up with brillant new ideas and suggestions, and everyone can profit through free firmware updates. No wonder that even in this short time, the Retrode has become the most widely recommended retro gaming adapter worldwide.

One Up: The Retrode2

The Retrode2 is a completely new development with lots of new features and improvements over the original Retrode. Most prominently, 2×2 game controller ports are included by default (they had to be retrofitted in the original version). The case will be made of durable transparent ABS plastic and feature a dust cover to protect the cartridge slots. The 3D model was designed by a CAD/CAM expert with 25 years of experience, and it has already undergone thorough testing thanks to rapid prototyping (3D printing). Add to that lots of improvements under the hood, and you have one a-w-e-s-o-m-e piece of gear!

Even with the inclusion of four gamepad-to-USB adapters and all the other new features, the Retrode2 will not cost more than the original Retrode – in fact, it might even be a bit cheaper! This is all thanks to lots of professional advice from friends and supporters. I don’t know what the final price tag will be, but here is your chance to secure a unit for as low as USD 75 / EUR 57.50 including worldwide shipping!

Preordering Details

Why am I taking preorders? It costs EUR 8000 to make a set of injection molds for the Retrode2. Right now, I can throw in EUR 2000, but it would take me quite a while to gather the rest! By preordering a Retrode2, you can contribute to covering the remaining EUR 6000. In effect, your preorder helps me speed things up and, at the same time, secures yourself a Retrode2!

So here’s how it works: Just select a package, then click on one of the PayPal buttons below to make your payment. If the preordering volume exceeds the goal of EUR 6000, the projected shipping date for preordered units is September 30, 2011. Note that even if the goal is not reached, preorderers are still guaranteed to receive a Retrode2! It may just take a bit longer until the molding tool is completely funded.

Preordering closed on July 1, 2011, 0:02 UTC.

Packages In Detail

  • Standard Package: Choose this to preorder a single Retrode2. Includes a USB cable, printed instruction sheet, and free worldwide shipping.
  • Double Package: Got a friend? Then you can save by placing a joint order of two Retrode2, each including a USB cable and printed instruction sheet. Free worldwide shipping to a single address.
  • Fast-Track Package (limited to 4 orders): Be among the first 5 people worldwide to own a Retrode2! Pre-production unit in engineering material case, as soon as I receive the samples. The regular case will follow as soon as they are available, upgrading your unit to a production Retrode2. Package comprises one Retrode2, one additional case, USB cable, instructions, a handwritten thank-you note, and worldwide airmail shipping.

Use these buttons (secure connection to PayPal) to place your preorder. Buttons have been deactivated.

For members of the European Union (right column), the prices include 19% sales tax. For all others, local taxes may apply. Before placing a preorder, please make sure you have read and understood our Terms and Conditions (German / English).

Do you run a retro gaming business and would you like to offer the Retrode2 for sale? In order to discuss volume orders, please contact me directly:

Tell your friends!

No matter whether or not you want to preorder a Retrode yourself, you can still help the Retrode2 become reality by telling people about it. Please recommend this page via Facebook and Twitter to make this a success.


Ask away! E-mail or leave a comment.

47 comments to Retrode2 Preordering

  • dadopson

    Hi Matthias

    Any idea how much the adaptors will be?

  • Daidoe

    This is an attractive product. What is particularly exciting is, it is a great go to device for a legal if not 100% legal way to backup the games you already own.
    The fact that it is idiot proof and completely plug n’ play is the icing on the cake.

    What I do wonder, is why the price is so high? Understanding of course there were tooling and production costs involved that need to be recouped, I still find it curious. (several online reviews also state this as a huge factor and negative point). If you could work this down to $20 per unit, then I am sure many more people would be more willing to throw some money down.

    • > What I do wonder, is why the price is so high?

      Because the Retrode is not a mass product, and unlike other gadgets it is not made by de-facto slaves.

      By the way, those reviews you’re mentioning probably refer to the first version that came without controller ports. Actually, the Retrode 2 has gotten cheaper since :)

  • Nick A

    how much will these cost? cause i might ask 4 1 4 my birthday but dont want it to be too much cause my parents just bought me a macbook pro in june.

  • Will the plug-in adapters from the original Retrode be compatible with the Retrode 2?

  • Andrew

    No more per-orders? Does that mean your sold out?

  • Just saw this at the last moment and quickly did a preorder. Been wanting this for ages but never had the time to look for it before :)

  • HTL2001

    Will the plug-in adapters be available for purchase?

    • Yes, but at a later point. I don’t know which ones will eventually be available from myself, but I’m 99% sure about GBx, N64, SMS, VCS2600. Give me some time to get the core device done first.

  • andwhyisit

    Gah! 19.4% left and only 2 days to go. O_O

  • Aj

    I want to pre order the Retrode 2 but I don’t want to spend $85.00 dollars without seeing a final product… =/ I want to really bad though! I missed out on the 1st Retrode and I can’t wait for this one. =)

    • Tell me about it! I’d rather not spend $40,000 without seeing a final product either, but here I am still doing it. I guess that’s just the crazy guy I am :-) Looking forward to hearing back from you in good time! Matthias

      • hedwards

        Given how well the previous one worked, I think this one will sell out, it’s just a question of how long before that happens. Personally, I’m looking forward to receiving mine.

    • Teancum

      After being an owner of the first Retrode. I’ve been waiting to order this one since Matthias announced it. I would order now you won’t regret it. Also this is a great way to get the price locked in I wouldn’t be surprised if Matthias has to bump these up a little down the road.

  • Ness and Sonic

    I know I am going to get an N64/GBA adapter from the stoneagegamer site if they end up carrying them. Not sure about a getting a second retrode, but if I do, I have a clue on what I might do with my first one. I’ll give it to my younger cousins so they can enjoy classic cartridge games.

  • Pre-ordered mine, now I can’t wait till September. Time to buy even more games :-P
    Question to you, Matthias: Will there be any chance that you release any PlugIn-Adapters for NES, Master System, TurboGrafX, GameGear, NeoGeo Pocket or Atari 7800?
    Because in case of the NES, if I wish to dump my games, I must get a fully working NES (hard to find these days, mine is is not in the best condition), a “USB CopyNES” for 70$ ( do some soldering (which I’m not the best in). For Master System I have to solder a board and have to use a PC with a functional parallel port and Windows 98 (
    You see, it’s much easier with a Retrode ;-)

    • FelixV

      iirc NES is on his todo list w/ no eta

      tg16/NG carts are possible w/ the schematics on the website
      (i dont have these either hopefully someone will do group purchase)

    • Hi! Development of NES, MS, TG16 and NGP adapters is on my list, and commercial versions may become available at some point–say, within the next 24 months or so. Right now, I need to get the Retrode2 off the table and into production before I can think of something else.

      Another problem with NES games is that, even with a suitable plug-in adapter, they will still require some research and manual labour on the user side (i.e., finding and setting the right parameters).

      • FelixV

        Very cool. Will keep fingers crossed then.

        (Ich drücke die Daumen)

        what sort of work are we talking about ?

        to make the retrode read the cart properly or to actually use the files in the emulators?

        i never figured out why emulators rely on the iNES header so much since they can always
        just hash the ROM to identify it and load mapper/mirroring/etc settings from a magical file somewhere..

        (not a hardware dev so maybe i am thinking wrong..)

        • > magical file somewhere

          Exactly. Except that I neither have that file, nor would anyone ever want to compile such thing, nor could it ever be complete and error-free (think prototypes etc), nor would even a fraction of it fit the Retrode’s 32K of memory. You will have to specify mapper chip, CHR and PRG rom sizes by hand, period :-)

    • CoryK

      I have 3 fully working NES’ that I can sell to you if you are interested. If so, email me at [CENSORED]. Maybe we can work something out.

  • Gump

    Very excited about this! Great work!!

  • jmuehlba

    I’ve been waiting for today for some time. Bring on September.

  • Tonepoet

    Does the fast track preorder get you two?

    • Sorry if the description is a bit unclear. No, that’s just one device you’d be getting on the fast track, plus the final case at a later point. The additional cost is due to different logistics since for these units, more stuff needs to be shipped from Europe to Canada and back, and airmail will be used. It’s just an exclusive option for those who have little time and lots of money ;)

  • Just a quick question on the Fast-Track Package option. If I go for that do I get a working retrode2 board inside a prototype case and then when you get the final case design do I get another retrode2 inside that case or just the plastic case part.


  • hedwards

    I’ll definitely be ordering one once I get my new CC. Stupid insecure online shops.

  • Teancum

    Very excited about this. I’m coordinating with a friend to do a pre-order soon.

    Also I made a thread about the retrode on assembler.

  • I wonder if I can combine this with my original Retrode and take over the world or something?

  • Preordered mine, now roll on September (and a few more preorders!)