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Welcome to! On this website, we will collect all things useful and fun around the Retrode, the world’s bestest USB adapter for vintage video games. Expect the following and more to show up in the near future:

  • User Stories. We have a growing team of editors who will take care of user-provided content. Do you have a retro-gaming project that you want to share? Tutorials, other useful bits of information? We’ll do our best to feature them on this website. Just drop a line to, and make sure to include as much information as possible. If you have pictures and/or a video, don’t forget to include them!
  • Documentation Repository. We keep on extending our collection of documentation about the Retrode, including troubleshooting hints, how-tos and lots of useful information about your Retrode.
  • Community Forum. Once again, [lulemurfan] built us a nice forum. Meet your fellow Retrode enthusiasts in here!
  • Development Blog / General Announcements. As always, we will blog about the latest news and behind-the-scenes stuff.

If you have never heard of the Retrode, or are interested in buying one, make sure to check out the new product site, retrode.COM!

Note: As of December 2011, some information provided on this website still refers to the original Retrode and may no longer be valid for the current model. Please give us some time to get everything up to date.

The USB part of the Retrode firmware is based on the LUFA library by Dean Camera (license). Thanks Dean for this fine piece of code!

29 comments to Welcome to, the community portal for the Retrode

  • Iain B

    Have you/ever thought about a retrode community forum? Would be quite cool to discuss things and learn about other peoples projects.

  • Iain B

    Would the Retrode work with the Famicom Disk System?

  • Raiden

    Although it seems that non-SA1 carts will generally work, here’s another batch of compatible SNES and Super Famicom games:

    AlienĂ‚Â³ (PAL/E/8)
    Contra Spirits (NTSC/J/8)
    Earthworm Jim (PAL/E/32/HiROM)
    International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (PAL/E/16)
    Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour (PAL/D/4)
    Mickey Mania (PAL/E/16)
    Space Megaforce (NTSC/U/8)
    Super R-Type (NTSC/J/8)
    Super Street Fighter II (PAL/E/32/HiROM)
    The Lost Vikings II (PAL/E/8)
    Theme Park (PAL/E/8)

    I think testing the following SNES/SFC cartridges would be more interesting since they own chips for data decompression/conversion:
    Dungeon Master (DSP-2)
    SD Gundam GX (DSP-3)
    Star Ocean (SDD-1)
    Street Fighter Alpha/Zero 2 (SDD-1)
    Far East of Eden Zero (SPC7110)
    Momotaro Dentetsu Happy (SPC7110)
    Super Power League 4 (SPC7110)

  • Raiden

    More compatible games:

    Actraiser 2 (E)
    Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball (U)
    Demon’s Crest (E)
    Super Castlevania IV (U)
    Weapon Lord (E)

    Aero Blasters (J) (kein Header)
    Atomic Runner (E)
    Comix Zone (E)
    Contra: The Hard Corps (J)
    Dynamite Headdy (J)
    Ecco: The Tides of Time (E)
    Elemental Master (J)
    Flink (E)
    Gaiares (JU)
    Gunstar Heroes (E)
    Gynoug (E)
    Mega Turrican (E)
    Rocket Knight Adventures (E)
    Steel Empire (UE)
    The Revenge of Shinobi (W)
    Thunder Force III (JU)
    ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (U)

    Sadly also more incompatible games:

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (U) (emulator only shows black screen/ColdFace already posted this one)
    Darius II (J) (does not fit into slot/normal japanese cartridges barely fit)

  • Jesse Vaitkus

    I see the new poll on the left Matthias, and i really want a GB/C interface screw the gba for now, that can wait! I want to dump some undumped games which I have! All of GBA has been dumped but GB/C hasn’t we need to help the rom world grow strong my friend! STRONGER THAN EVER!! Mwahaha.

  • ColdFace


    I just got my retrode over the weekend. It is great!!!!. I have a little over 100 gen and snes games to test. I spot checked about 20 games and all but 2 worked. I think those will work after I clean the carts better.

    Once I finish testing I will pop a list up if people are interested

    • ColdFace

      I went through all 127 games (50 SNES and 77 GEN). (All USA games)

      Great news all of them worked except for 3 games. The 3 games work in their respective systems but I could never get the retrode to read them. The games that would not work are the following

      Gen -> Sonic 3 and Virtual Racing (We already knew Virtual racing would not work)
      SNES -> Kirby’s Dreamland 3

      I did have a few other issues with a few games (9 games) were the emulator always returned an incorrect checksum but I played the games through the retrode for several hours and they work fine. The following are the games with the checksum errors. These games do work fine though

      Snes -> Super Metroid
      GEN -> Blaster Master 2, Gain Ground, Sagaia, Quack shot staring Donald Duck, Splatter house 2, Splatter house 3, Zombies Ate my Neighbors, Lightening Force

      next post will have list of all games that work

      • ColdFace

        Game that work


        After Burner 2
        Alien 3
        Alter Beast
        Arrow Flash
        Atomic Runner
        Batman Revenge of the Joker
        Bio Hazard Battle
        Blaster Master 2
        Bonanza Bros
        Castlevania Bloodlines
        Two crude dudes
        Comix Zone
        Contra Harcorps
        Earth worm jim
        Earthworm jim 2
        Ecco the tides of time
        Fatal Fury
        Gain Ground
        Ghost busters
        Ghouls and Ghosts
        Greendog the beached surfer dude
        Gunstar Heros
        Hard Drivin
        Heavy Nova
        Jurasic Park Rampage edition
        Kid Chameleon
        Light Crusader
        Ligtening Force
        Michael Jackson Moonwalkers
        Mickey Mouse
        Quack Shot staring donald duck
        Raiden Trad
        Rambo 3
        Ranger X
        Robocop versus Termniator
        Rocket Knight adventures
        Samurai Shodown
        Shinobi 3 return of the
        Skeleton Krew
        Sonic and Knuckles
        Sonic 1
        Sonic 2
        Splatterhouse 2
        Splatterhouse 3
        Star trek the next generation
        Street fighter championship edition
        Streets of rage 1
        Streets of rage 2
        Streets of rage 3
        Sub terrania
        Sword of Sodan
        T2 the arcade game
        Teenage mutant ninja turtles the hyperstone case
        The adventures of batman and robin
        Tods adventure in slimeworld
        World of illusion
        X-men 2
        Zero Tolerance

        • ColdFace


          Batman Returns
          contra 3
          Donkey kong country 1
          Donkey kong country 2
          Donkey kong country 3
          Final fantasy Mystic quest
          Final Fantasy 3
          Final fight 1
          Final fight 2
          Indiana Jones greatest Adventures
          Jurasic Park
          Killer Instinct
          Spider Man Maximum carnage
          Mystic Ninja
          Out of this world
          Secret of evermore
          secret of mana
          Shadow run
          smash TV
          star Fox
          Star Trek Starfleet Aca
          Street fighter 2
          Street fighter 2 turbo
          stunt race FX
          Super Castlevanina 4
          Super Double dragon
          Super Empire Strikes back
          Super Ghouls and Ghost
          Super Return of the jedi
          Super Mario allstars
          Super Mario Kart
          Super Mario World
          Super Metroid
          Super Star Wars
          The ignition factor
          The legend of zelda
          TMNT 4 Turtles in time
          Wanders from Ys 3
          Wild Guns
          X-men mutant acp
          Yoshi’s Island

      • ColdFace

        System for Testing

        Brand New Alienware M11x with windows 7 64 bit 8 gigs of, 256 gig solid State drive (had to do something with it :) )


        Fusion 3.6 for Genesis
        zsnes 1.5.1 for snes

  • Max L

    Hey just a quick question, I missed the pre-order period but I would still like to buy a retrode. The thing is I cant seem to find anywhere to order one. Where would I be able to order one?


    • The first production run of Retrodes is currently being made, and in a few weeks I will start taking regular orders. Since you’re already on the mailing list, you will be notified.

  • Matt

    I’m building an oldtime console pc case mod and this would work perfect for it. Let me know as soon as it’s available or how to build one myself, I’ll pay for the specs and files. Please get NES games working too.

  • Hae,

    This stuff is rather nice :D Beats the hell out of my LPT driven CartDisk inspired MultiPurposeComuterPeripheral which typical use is dumping MD games and wiriting various memory chips ;)

    I won’t be getting one of your devices since I already have something that will do the job, but things like that are always great and I wish you best of luck getting this available to as many people as possible :D

  • Hi

    really nifty thing you put thogheter there mate , i am living in sweden and i would really love to have your homemade thing to play snes games , is it possible to buy it from you.

    please contact me either tru mail or my homepage

    best regards Andreaz “kungsfiskaren” Sjoberg

  • BJ

    Say I have a Super Game Boy. Would it work with this (once made)?


    • Probably not, since the Super Game Boy is not a ROM cartridge but a coprocessor (mind you that it has a full Game Boy inside and only outputs the video/audio data to the SNES). However, reading Game Boy cartridges directly is of course technically possible. Naturally, the snega2usb won’t include connectors for all game cartridges in existence, but I imagine it should be no big deal to add support for other systems later, using mechanical adapters and firmware updates.

  • Amy

    How about GeneSNES?