Hardware version 0.0 assembled

And even got it working (= the processor running and being recognised by the OS) only after a few hours of fiddling with the SMD. Goodbye cables! After adapting the firmware to the rearranged I/O wiring, all of my games worked without major issues. See a photo of the beauty after the break.

No longer on my “Things to do before I die” list:

  • Lay out a PCB
  • Solder a SMD chip
  • Despair to get a microcontroller circuit to run
Custom PCB, v0.0

Custom PCB, v0.0

2 comments to Hardware version 0.0 assembled

  • Brent

    Would still love to get my hands on a schematic and code. In return I would be willing to test (I have a large NES collection) and help out with the electronics design. I tend to do that all day and it would be nice to work on something fun for a change.
    At any rate for a suggestion I would have mounting holes in each corner and make everything all SMT parts. SMT is actually really easy to work with after a little practice.

  • Diminuendo

    That looks so amazing, when this comes out im going to mount it and a mac mini in a PAL SNES!