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There goes the first flush of brand new Retrodes, and back comes a lot of joy. The first thing I’d do when unpacking my Retrode is probably to try it “as is”, but others had controller adapters prepared before they even received the device. Thanks for reminding me that my own controller solution was long overdue. And there’s a lot more to come. I know of some folks who plan to integrate their Retrode into larger console projects, and I am especially eager to hear about those. Anyway, you’ll probably agree that this deserves its own category, so here it is: User stories. If you want your project to be featured here, just drop us a line to Myself and a select bunch of guest editors will go through the submissions from time to time and condense them into this blog.

By the way, the online store will open sometime next week. See you there!

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  • agaiz

    On the Wii Sonic 1 takes a while to load, dunno if that’s normal and whether it is an emulator related problem or has something to do with the Retrode.

    Apart from that I’m very satisfied; having expanded the capabilities of my Wii with reading SNES games and not being required to purchase them (again) off Virtual Console.

    N64/GBA or other consoles would of course be nice so go for it Matthias! ;)

    • agaiz

      Ok tried your suggestion and from the USB key it worked fine.
      So I used another (shorter) cable et voila worked from the Retrode as well.

      Thanks for the great support Matthias!

  • Bryan A

    I love my new Retrode. It works fabulously and reads all of my games without any problems. I can’t wait to see what else you can do to expand it’s capabilities. Thank you!

  • i2a2n2

    I just received the retrode in the mail and I have to say: I FREEEEEAKING LOVE YOU MAN!!!!!

    this little buddy of mine and yours (Retrode) has just made it so I can dump some of my SNES prototypes that I have been unable to in the past like a dream! thank you thank you thank you great product! and it dumped them with no trouble at all !!!!

  • Iain B

    My games took a little while to get clean, but well worth the wait, below some of the modifications I did to my computer. The retrode device logo and the icons and descriptions.

    I just need to find a sega gen game soon!

  • Ness and Sonic

    The Playstation controllers have always been remarkably similar to SNES controllers. I would use my PS3 Logitech controller since I already have one and do not mind the extra buttons. I am not sure which is cheaper for someone who doesn’t have neither a PS3 Logitech controller nor an SNES controller. That PS3 Logitech controller was $30. Add in batteries for frequent use and it might be cheaper to get an SNES controller and the adapter box.

  • [FelixV]

    actually my 2 player adapter now has all 4 controller ports wired. was waiting on more controller extensions :)

  • Cool, a store. I got a bunch of friends who totally wanna buy a Retrode :-D