User story #1: Virtual Boy adapter


Retrode user [JonY] from Leicester (UK) stumbled across a document that describes how to read Virtual Boy cartridges using a Genesis dumper.Starting with a PCMCIA connector and the cart of his least favourite Mega Drive game, he began connecting the address and data lines, as well as voltage supply and the chip enable signal. Some tweaking later, his assembly was finally capable of reading the VB ROM. After a few iterations on the firmware, we got his Retrode to recognise title and size of the VB cartridge. To the right we see a few pictures of Jon’s assembly. Below, the screenshot he provided to document his success.

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6 comments to User story #1: Virtual Boy adapter

  • takashi

    since the Virtual Boy adapter uses a similar cart connector as the SNES BSX memory carts, we should consider of creating a BSX adapter too :-)

  • Jesse Vaitkus

    Leave Matthias alone he has important bomb building science to do. Just kidding, hope your schooling goes well, you kinda have given us everything you promised and now we’re just getting majorly awesome upgrades, so yeah sit back and relax. The top image reminds me of the prototype, model zero SNES to USB adapter.

  • Rob Jacobs

    Pretty neat! Will a new firmware be made available?

    • Yes, but give me a month or two. There’s a bunch of things I’d really like to include in the next “public” version that are still unfinished.

  • Luke Johnson