Neo Geo Pocket plug-in ??? (Japanese)


This just in: looks as if a Japanese Retrode user has managed to build and run a plug-in adapter for Neo Geo Pocket games. Unfortunately my Japanese is, uhm, rather weak. Any Japanese speaker care to translate? Also, does anyone know the NGP’s bank switching mechanism for >16Mbit carts? With the proper knowledge, it should be rather easy to add “official” support to the Retrode firmware.

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  • Muzer

    The pinouts are listed on that page, so why not someone build one? Then maybe it can get added to the official driver. (I don’t have a retrode or a lot of knowledge about hardware stuff). NGPC support WOULD be great.

  • I know quite a bit about the NGP carts. I’ve done a fair bit of work in this area. I stumbled on your page while searching for some info to help me build some NGP hardware, actually. I’d really like to know more about what you guys are doing. Maybe I can adapt some of it for my Neo Geo Pocket project.

    To answer your question, though, NGP does not do any bank switching. I’m familiar with how the GameBoy worked, but the NGP was nothing like that. NGP carts had up to 32Mbits of flash memory. They used chips up to 16Mbit, so the 32Mbit carts used 2 16Mbit chips. These are fully addressable by the NGP itself (no need to switch banks). The NGP cart had 2 chip select lines. If the cart had 2 16Mbit chips, it would select one chip for the lower 16Mbit and select the other when it wanted to do the upper 16Mbit. This is almost like another address line, except it’s broken into 2. I think that the NGP just would never select both at once.

    Please get ahold of me. I can probably help you further if I know more about what you’re trying to do.

    • Also, if anyone knows where I could get a Neo Geo Pocket cart edge socket (without removing one from a console), please contact me.

    • Teancum

      I’m glad that you responded to Matthias’s post and hope that something comes of it. I also would be interested in finding neo geo pocket cartridge connectors.

  • Teancum

    Oh wow! We need to get this guy on board as a retrode dev! He had the same idea I had for the Pc-engine / Turbografx adapter. find a cartridge slot and mount it inside a super gameboy. Just wish I knew where he got the cartridge connector.

    • Teancum

      Hmmm apparently I can’t edit my post. It looks like there is another copier called the HongKong now.

      From what I can tell it can do Super Famicom, Gameboy, and Famicom. and then they have an additional link mentioning Mega Drive and PC-Engine very interesting.

      Wish I could read Japanaese.