Back in Black


Good news! I just received a set of case samples that were made on the actual injection tool that will also stamp out the production Retrode cases in a short while. They’re looking really good. Contrary to what I was told beforehand, natural ABS cannot be obtained in transparent, so it’s going to have to be an opaque colour after all. With a can of black spray paint at hand, I gave it a try and lo, it turned out pretty neat! So black it’s going to be for the first run of the all-new and awesome Retrode 2! There are some minor changes that need to be made to the mold. The pins that operate the HWB and Reset buttons are just a tiny bit too long, and there is a slight collision between the upper shell and the lid. Once these final modifications are done, we’re good to go and mass production of the cases can start next week!

Note: I keep on receiving (pre-)ordering requests from people who aren’t even on the newsletter. There will be enough Retrodes for all of you – just subscribe and you will know when they become available.

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