Pictures! Pictures!

Retrode 2 closedRetrode 2 half-openRetrode 2 openRetrode 2 with game cartridgesRetrode 2 with game cartridges, alternate viewRetrode 2 with carts and controllersRetrode 2 with carts and controllersRetrode 2, top viewRetrode 2, frontal viewRetrode 2, rear view

Final samples are in – painted and printed! In other words, full steam ahead for mass production of the Retrode 2. (Click on the pictures to embiggen.)

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  • Aj

    Hey Matthias, How are the Retrode 2 being shipped? Like what type of boxes.

    • Plain, grey, simple cardboard boxes that also serve as the shipping envelope. Pink bubble wrap. No decoration.

      • Aj

        I didn’t know if you where having anything special made up for them to be shipped. Plain is always good. I wouldn’t mind a case that holds the Retrode when it’s not being used or when you are bringing it somewhere; so it won’t get scratched up.

  • God Ginrai

    This looks amazing. :D I’m definitely looking forward to getting mine. Btw, will it be possible for the N64/GBA plugin to have some sort of shell?

    • Not possible for now, sorry. You can dremel some cutouts into a donor cart shell, though.

      EDIT: Actually, I have to revise that “no” to a “maybe” – just received a good e-mail :)

      • Aj

        Thats awesome to hear Matthias! I was talking to you before in e-mail about a N64 retrode. I hope i see one, I have 30 somthin N64 games that i want to see on my computer someday! =] It would need to have controller ports though….lol

      • Ness and Sonic

        So there might be cases for them? Cool. Will the N64/GB* adapter be available separately from Stone Age Gamer site?

      • God Ginrai

        I’m glad that changed to a maybe. :D The retrode + the N64/GBA plugin would cover all of my cartridge-based systems except for the DS series. ^_^

  • Muzer

    That is beautiful. I’ll be buying one and all the plugins that are available when you open pre-orders again :D

    (Which plugins do you think will be available to purchase in the short term? N64/GBA is the most likely one, what about any of the others?)

    Will they keep the mould so you can easily order a second batch if required, or would you have to start the whole process again?

    • Right now, I’m preparing another, improved run of the N64/GBx plug-in which features additional wires to support N64 EEPROM and MBC3/MBC5 mappers on GB carts (firmware support pending). Also, there will be the brand-new Master System plug-in, most likely also with extra pins for a user-retrofittable Game Gear slot, in case someone manages to find one and wants to put it in. There should be plenty of broken GG’s out there :) I hope to have both in stock in about 8-12 weeks.

      Of course, the injection mould will be kept. That’s the whole point of the plastics business after all: once the initial investment is done, new parts can be easily made in no time.

      • hedwards

        I’m eagerly awaiting my unit. From what I’ve seen so far, I’m going to be really happy with the final product.

        Is there any reason for those with an N64/GBx plug in to buy the new one? The N64 EEPROM doesn’t appear to be necessary unless one has saves on the cart, and I can’t figure out quite what the MBC3/MBC5 would do for me.

        If it helps, I’m just using the retrode to dump my ROMs to disk, not actually play them through it.

        • Yes, for most N64 games ROM access should work just fine with the old plug-in. MBC3 and MBC5 concerns mostly some titles in the Pokemon series (essentially, everything that features a real-time clock).

          • hedwards

            That’s more or less what I thought. Thanks for the info. Eventually that information should probably make its way into the compatibility list, but that’s sufficient far off that I’m not going to worry about that potential eventuality.

            • At some point, there will be a fully community-maintained documentation repository including a compatibility database popping up around here, but right now, we’re not exactly in a hurry. First-generation plug-in adapters are no longer available anyway :)

              • hedwards

                No worries, I wouldn’t mind entering the games I have once that happens. As you noticed, the one you have is good, but greatly limited in scope and definitely in need of some crowdsourcing love.

      • Muzer

        Sounds good.

        I’ll have to learn how to make my own boards so I can make some of the ones that aren’t being sold (2600/PC Engine/NGPC/etc.), as some of those would be useful for me.

        • Unless you’ll be making a lot of boards, the cheapest way to get them is probably through a PCB prototyping service, such as (3×4″ double-sided PCB – USD 26.40 or EUR 31.42). They also accept Eagle (.brd) board files.

  • Aj

    I never pre-ordered it cuz i wanted to wait till i saw it in its finaly form. I like what i see! When will i be able to buy it/where?

  • It looks beautiful, the controller ports fit in really well. Congratulations Matthias!

  • Aj

    OMG, So amazing, I cant wait!!!!

  • Bryan

    This looks great!