Boxing Day is Soooo Last Week

Retrode 2 Boxes

Great news: Here we see 150 brand-new Retrodes, all boxed up and ready to go out to all of last summer’s pre-orderers in the next 1-2 days. Quite a bunch more are available from

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  • starlightknight

    I got my Retrode today– and its awesome ^_^;

    Fired up my whole collection (except Super Mario RPG & Star Ocean, since the chips don’t work)– and I rescued copies of all of my remaining saves before a dead battery eventually killed them.

    The Retrode is especially awesome to me because after I rescued copies of my saves, I was able to put them on my SNES Powerpak cart which does not use a battery. That lets me still play the games with my saves on the real console w/o worrying about save game loss– several carts of mine have lost saves at times before already, so I was glad to rescue all my remaining saves. Epic deal.

    I did experience Issues with two games from my collection though– I did not see them on the compatibility list so I’ll note for reference:

    Illusion of Gaia (NTSC-U) – Game boots fine but I don’t get the SRAM correctly on the Retrode. If I read the SRAM on the Retrode it shows me as having no saves. If I put the cart back in the real SNES console, my saves are there. The game boots fine on the Retrode and checksum passes.

    Tales of Phantasia (NTSC-J) – I could not get this one to boot. It would always say bad checksum and hang. Tried multiple times, no luck.

    Thanks so much for the Retrode– its awesome!

    Keep up the great work– looking forward to plugins, and especially and SRAM support that can be offered to them. I’d like to rescue saves for other things getting old too, before hours of hard work die with batteries.

  • darkgrue

    Picked mine up fromt he Post Office today. Have had the chance to fire mine up yet, but I’m very impressed with the form and finish. Totally professional.

  • Muzer

    The gp2x shop claims that it has 82 in stock… I’ll wait for the mailing list thing to come through, though.

  • realyst

    Have you shipped any info to the mailing list yet regarding some filter issues, want to make sure I didn’t miss anything since I hadn’t seen a December update)

    Either way, call me excited :)

    • hedwards

      I haven’t received any information about that, and none in my spam folder either.

      Are there confirmation emails going out with tracking info? Not that it’s a big deal, I’d just like to know if I’m going to be surprised with a package at some point.

      • Hi,

        No e-mail has gone out yet. I’m still in the process of setting up the fulfilment pipeline and the information management that comes with it. I hope to be able to send out tracking numbers for future orders but this time it would probably take me longer than for the shipments to arrive :)


        • hedwards

          Not a problem, I see you answered that in the newsletter I hadn’t yet received. Up to this point, I haven’t had any trouble with my orders, so I’d expect this to be no different.

  • takashi

    received mine today! wow – a masterpiece of engineering; I just love it, the casing is sooooo cool!
    thank you so much for all your effort on this

  • What’s the Firmware thats on my pre-ordered Retrode 2? I couldn’t found any clue.

  • Woo! Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.

  • Teancum

    Very excited to see this happening. Glad I checked in.

  • OMG! I can’t wait for my pre-order :-D

  • What a great present for my birthday … Thank you very much :)