Retrode on Linux/PS3/Dockstar

SNES Controller on eee PC

Yes, world, it works on PS3 also! Hunter Davis of tested the Retrode 2 on various devices including PS3 and Android 4.0!  His blog illustrates how you can use an original SNES Controller and Cartridge with your PC, PS3, or Dockstar. additionally reports that the Retrode works fine on a stock PS3, as the PS3 auto-maps usb controllers to PS3 controllers internally (the usb#->ps3 controller # mapping can be changed in the menu as well), so even the PS3 menus themselves work with SNES controllers.

Edit, Matthias_H: Please join me in welcoming Felix to the editing team! Felix has supported the Retrode project since its earliest days, and contributed a lot of hands-on help, as well as essential hardware for testing. He was the first to show the Retrode in action on a Wii in Homebrew mode.

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