Sega Master System and Game Gear Plug-in adapter

Sega Master System and Game Gear Adapter

As previously reported, Matthias and myself have been working on a Master System and Game Gear plug-in adapter.

I am very pleased to now say that we have a fully working adapter, which (I think) will go into production at some point later in the year.

You can read all about how it came to be over at my site: Part one – Initial idea and Part two – Final testing.

Edit: After using the plug-in adapter for a while, I have noticed a couple of things.

There has also been some talk on Sega card and Mark III support over in the forums. Got something you want to add? come and join us.

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16 comments to Sega Master System and Game Gear Plug-in adapter

  • Hivebrain

    Will this work with the Retrode 1?

    • Yes. In fact, Jon only just received his Retrode 2; all the previous testing was done on good old Golden Edition (actually, I think his Retrode is so old it’s not even golden ;-))

  • Jason

    This is pretty awesome, although I haven’t played any of those systems. But, I have a question(s) to ask: After the plugins for the GBx/N64 and MS/GG, do you guys plan on doing a plugin for the NES? Also, does the GBx/N64 plugin also play original Game Boy games than just GBA games?

    • I have an NES connector right here, but haven’t found the time to turn it into a plug-in prototype. In GBx, the “x” stands for “anything”, so yes, all the whole Game Boy family is supported by that plug-in.

      • Jason

        That’s awesome, I cannot wait now till the final product of the GBx/N64 plugin! I also can’t wait for the NES plugin to come in the near future, that’ll be sweet.

      • hedwards

        So there’s going to be an NES adapter? That would be an instabuy for me.

  • I’m so happy!!
    Even if the adapter has only the Master System Slot by default you can count me as a buyer :-D (as always, since I have the Retrode 1&2 and the two adapters for it (N64/GB & A2600)
    My question is: Is it possible to solder a GameGear-Slot to the coming adapter? If so, I will hunt down a “broken” GameGear on ebay, because I don’t want to sacrifice my working one.

    • The adapter will come with the Master System connector attached, and space to solder on a standard Game Gear connector. Soldering the Game Gear connector to the PCB is simple enough, de-soldering it from a broken Game Gear is a different story…

  • Markus

    I ordered a Retrode 2 in the new Onlineshop just when it was announced in the newsletter.

    When can I expect to receive it?

  • David D

    If we sent you a dead or spare GG handheld, would you be able to desolder and resolder (for a small fee of course) the GG cartridge connector?

    • Being the tiny operation we are, we do not have the resources to produce custom hardware, except, of course, our own prototyping. Surely you know someone with a hot air gun (for desoldering) and a soldering iron. I’ll be happy to provide you directions.

      • David D

        Not a problem. I have purchased a couple of busted GG so just need to brush uop my desoldering and soldering skills.
        Will we be able to purchase the gb/N64 and A2600 aadptors soon as well?

  • Vince K.

    It’s great to see that this plugin is working now! I have a lot of old Game Gear games gathering dust since my system died, so it’d be great to play them again on an emulator.

    Quick question though: for production versions of this cart, will both slots be ready to go, or just the Master System? The earlier post said we would have to solder on the Game Gear slot ourselves, and I am an abysmal solderer.

    • It’s virtually impossible to source GG connectors, so I’m afraid we’ll only be able to provide Master System slot by default.

      • hedwards

        I see what you mean. I’m personally having a hard time even just finding specifications for the connector. I did find a pin out for it, but there is not much information out there AFAICT.