Call for Tutorials / Documentation

Dear all,

We are currently in the process of gathering step-by-step tutorials that provide assistance through the process of setting up your Retrode under various operating systems and emulators. We hope that these tutorials will be of use for people who are new to emulation and USB game controllers.

Our first entry explains the setup of the Retrode under SuSE Linux, and we hope to collect lots more over time. As we all know, the thing with tutorials is, there can never be enough of them. To help others enjoy their Retrode as much as you do, we therefore ask you to contribute! Whenever you solved a specific problem in a non-obvious way, please write it up. Any material, including screenshots, links to instructional videos, etc., can be sent to, and we will be more than happy to take care of it.

Thank you for your effort!

Matthias and the Editing Team

4 comments to Call for Tutorials / Documentation

  • thomas

    i’d like one for mac osx lion.

  • Muzer

    I can make one – are there any you’re specifically looking for? I could easily make an Ubuntu one if you like considering it’s a very popular distro with beginners to Linux (I normally use Gentoo, but I suspect Gentoo users are used to this sort of thing and wouldn’t need a tutorial – it’s not an easy distro to use ;)).

    If I ever try to get USB host on my HTC Hero and succeed, I’ll do a tutorial for that too.

    I could also do a Wii homebrew one as I have a *lot* of experience with that.

    But if anyone has any requests, and I can do it, I’ll try to do those first.