Firmware v0.17d beta

… find it here! As always, I’m interested in your feedback. This version should solve most issues with Sega SRAM. Make sure to set "[segaSram16bit] 1" in the config! Also, a whole range of controller configurations is provided; the new-old Keyboard mode should provide perfect compatibility even using the weirdest OS X emulators, and let us not forget the all-new, awesome iCade mode!

Release history

v0.17d beta (2012-02-02)
- Complete re-write of USB HID descriptors, with five
  HID configurations:
  Off (fastest), 4 Joy + Mouse, 2 Joy, KB, iCade
- Skipped the silly "Ataliri" for 2600'er Cartridges
- Sega SRAM now 16-bit by default; significant
  improvements in detection, reading and writing
- Lowered power request from USB host to 100mA
  (was: 200mA)

3 comments to Firmware v0.17d beta

  • BigFred

    It’s for a Sachen game that is 4 MB according to the header but didn’t dump at that size (though there is a lot of duplicated data I wanted to see what a 4 MB dump gives me). However I realized the game is not detected by the retrode with the newer firmwares at all so no use yet.

  • BigFred

    The forcesize option does only allow up to 128 banks for GB(C) mode so far. But there are games that go as far as 4 MB. Can this number be raised maybe?