Retail packaging

Effective immediately, Retrodes shipping from our warehouse will come in a pretty custom box. At last, no more ugly gray cardboard abominations!


7 comments to Retail packaging

  • Brian B

    Exciting! I assume the limited edition metallic blue ones will be shipping in this awesome new packaging. Any idea when the plugins will be available for purchase… I can’t wait to fork over my money for those :)

  • SuperGilligan

    Maybe you can eventually develop some hardware and software that will work with the Wii U and support multiple systems. Then we can play all our retro games on our retrode enabled Wii U’s.

  • Sooo… For those of us who Pre-Ordered, and are “Just” OCD Enough to care, is there a way to have the box shipped to us as well? Thanks. ^,^

  • Lestat

    Revive your favorite retro games = Rejouer à vos jeux retro favoris!
    (”raviver” is more for thing like fireplace)

    In any case, the box is really pretty :)

    • Haha, yeah, thanks for pointing that out. Think of it as my tip-of-the-hat to all francophone retro gamers. Aren’t you guys used to all kinds of bad translations done by Japanese and other folks? ;)