Retrode-to-console conversion, Part 1

Finally found a little time to destroy my new Raspberry Pi. Check it out:

8 comments to Retrode-to-console conversion, Part 1

  • Whilst I dare not do something so drastic to a Raspberry Pi in order to get it working comfortably with the Retrode, seeing it happen does make me very tempted. Awesome start, and I eagerly await the next video!

  • SwimyGreen

    I’ve heard that someone got a SNES emulator to run on a Raspberry Pi, which means that it is powerful enough to run most retro cart based consoles. Do you think that it is powerful enough to run the N64?

    • “Getting an emulator to run” by no means you get full emulation at decent framerates (I am not aware that this has been achieved for the Raspi yet). I remember playing Super Mario World on a 486DX/33, but it wasn’t exactly a lot of fun. Given the processing power of the Raspi, a mature SNES emulator (most likely, Snes9x) should run at more than full framerate, if someone sits down and adapts it for the specific CPU/GPU of the system, which obviously is a lot of work. As for N64, I have my doubts, but then, we won’t know until someone tries out.

  • Trevor Gulliver

    Would the retrode be able to function as a console /AND/ in the usb system with this mod?

    • With an additional stereo switch, it should not be a major problem to preserve the USB device functionality. Of course, in “console mode”, the RasPi would be in charge of hosting USB.

      • Trevor Gulliver

        Thankyou for this info. I would love to have a retrode console (I remember bringing it up in the past and you said it would be impossable, HAH!), but sometimes all i have is my computer so. Being able to use both ways would be great.

        • Impossible as a product, yes. As a hack, lots of possibilities :)

          • Trevor Gulliver

            Well then speaking of hacks, i remember seeing a board add-on for the toaster nes. that would work like the retrode, but for nes. Maybe we could make together a nes case that has a spot to hold the retrode. and we could have all the consoles! (Free thinker!)