USB cable trouble?

We’ve only just become aware of a problem that may affect some Retrodes manufactured between Dec 2011 and June 2012: the USB connector sits so far back that the connection can be unreliable as a result. This depends on the type of cable used. If you have the impression that your USB cable is sitting too loose, we suggest that you use a sharp knife to remove a little slice of rubber (1mm) from the cable connector, as shown here:


This should greatly improve the reliability of your USB connection. If you have any further problems, please let us know!

Best regards,
Matthias and the Retrode team.

3 comments to USB cable trouble?

  • Thanks for the acknowledgement, I had been using an alternate cable for this reason.

    It was the reason for disconnection when moving the Retrode that I posted about in Feb 2012:,52.0.html

  • Muzer

    Ah, yes; I did wonder about that. I did notice it was a bit looser than other devices, but I personally never had any issues with that causing connection problems… good to know I’m not just crazy, though ;)

    • Muzer

      I just did this (of course, being me, rather than doing a precision cut with a knife I just hacked away with a pair of wire cutters I had to hand :p), it does fit a lot better now – and I think it does slightly improve the reliability of the connection too, though that could be the placebo effect. Anyway, thanks for the tip!