Anniversary Competition Aftermath: And The Winners Are...

Happy Birthday Retrode

Earlier this year, we celebrated the Retrode’s third anniversary with a big competition. A long time has passed since then, so for those of you who haven’t forgotten about this, here is finally the long overdue announcement of the outcome. (Even with a ton of work, a newborn baby and lots of sleepless nights, I have even managed to send everybody their prizes at long last… Hooray for the winners!)
Again, on behalf of the entire team: Congratulations to our winners, and thanks to everyone for joining the party, it was such fun!

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Grand Prize (Jury Award)

Happy Birthday Retrode !

by LeGrosPixel

Happy Birthday Retrode ! :)

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Grand Prize (Hacker Award)

The Retrode is turning 3. Happy Birthday, Retrode.

by l3w1z

This is my entry into the Retrode 3rd birthday competition (Aimed at the hacker award).

Put this together in an afternoon, using an arduino with firmata uploaded to the board and a bunch of Light Dependant Resistors to detect the lack of light when a hand is placed over it. This gave me the idea of naming this project the arduino birthday card, as it acts in a similar (but not completely the same) way to the musical birthday cards available.

I used this tutorial for the text-to-speech part:

For the "Happy Birthday" tune, I used jFugue which makes for easier music programming in Java:

The visuals are all processing ( for more information), except the animated flames. Those are .gif images located somewhere on the internet. (No idea who they belong to, and am happy to credit them if they see fit).

This could have been made a lot more portable using a raspberry pi, and could potentially help with other projects I’m working on for university (Such as a scary Doom mod that uses live data from the human body to change the game play).

Thanks for giving us back our good times, and hope you have another excellent 3 years.

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Grand Prize (People’s Award)

Happy 3rd Bithday Retrode!

by Predicate99

Happy 3rd Birthday Retrode! Thank you so much for giving our favorite classics a second chance. May you have many more birthdays. Happy Birthday!

What’s a Retrode? Go to to find out more. If you liked the video please vote for me, or enter the contest yourself. The more the merrier.

Letters and Numbers Model Pack by Gnien.kremfaen:

Super Mario Props by UnintelGen:

Music: Super Mario World Ending Credits

Runner-Up Prizes

Jan Sperling
Matt Sephton

Click on links to view their videos!

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