A personal message

Update (March 22, 2013): We’re back! So the “a few weeks” turned out to be exactly 10 weeks and 2 days. Absolutely worth it — thank you for your patience. Matthias

Dear Retrode fans, German version / Deutsche Version

Not the kind of message you’d quite expect to hear from me these days: this is to inform you that I have decided to take “a few weeks” sabbatical from the Retrode. The reason is simply that I am overworked. My regular job in computer graphics research currently demands 80-90 hours per week (important project deadlines approaching until mid-February), and I feel that I really need to see my wife and my 2-month-old baby son for more than a few minutes each day. In addition, the coming weeks will also pave the way for the next five years of my work and family life, including another relocation to a different continent. So, at the moment, there is simply no way I could give the plug-ins the 100% of focus that they need to become really great, and you, my customers, the attention that you deserve. I have therefore decided to put all Retrode matters on hold until the storm is over, and I’m asking you for your understanding and a little more patience if you have a pending pre-order.

Please note that this probably sounds worse than it actually is. All open orders of Retrodes (not plug-ins) will be served in the next few days; I’m just closing the store for new orders until further notice. If you absolutely need a Retrode now, there are other places on the internet that still sell them. Plug-ins are not abandoned either: all things that are done by external partners (cases, electronics, assembly) and don’t involve me personally will move on even while I’m gone. Please understand that I won’t be more specific about the “a few weeks” until they’re over. If you can’t wait that long, please let me know (, and I will refund your order.

This message supersedes all previous estimates, including the now-infamous “week of January 14″ e-mail to plug-in pre-orderers. Don’t be sad; that stuff will still be great – just “a few weeks” later… :-)
For now, please accept my apologies and join myself and my family in looking forward to calmer times. Thank you for your ongoing support and patience!

Kind regards

German version / Deutsche Version:

Liebe Retrode-Fans,

aus aktuellem Anlass werde ich alle Retrode-Tätigkeiten für “einige Wochen” (bitte nicht nachfragen) aussetzen. In meinem Hauptberuf stehen in Januar und Februar einige extrem wichtige Projektfristen an, so dass ich derzeit 80-90 Stunden pro Woche arbeite. Es bleibt also auch ohne die Retrode schon kaum Zeit für meine Frau und mein 2 Monate altes Baby. Da ich der Plug-in-Fertigung und euch, meinen Kunden, in dieser Situation nicht meine volle Aufmerksamkeit schenken kann, sehe ich keine andere Möglichkeit, als den Laden dichtzumachen, bis sich die Wogen bald wieder geglättet haben. Insbesondere diejenigen von euch, die auf Plug-ins warten und bereits bestellt haben, bitte ich um Verständnis für meine Situation.

Zum Glück ist alles nicht so schlimm, wie es sich zunächst anhört: Alle bis dato bestellten Retroden (keine Plug-ins) werden diese Woche rausgehen, weitere gibt’s auch noch an anderen Stellen im Internet zu kaufen, und auch die Plug-in-Fertigung bei unseren Zulieferern läuft weiter. Nur solche Tätigkeiten, die meinen persönlichen Einsatz erfordern, bleiben eine Weile liegen. Wenn ihr nicht länger auf euere Plug-ins warten wollt, teilt es mir bitte mit ( und ich werde euch den Kaufpreis zurückerstatten.

Bitte seht mir nach, dass ich diese Entscheidung getroffen habe, um meine Arbeitslast ein wenig gleichmäßiger übers Jahr zu verteilen. Bald geht es weiter in alter Frische und mit 100%igem Einsatz! Bis dahin danke ich euch für euere Unterstützung und Geduld.

Liebe Grüße,

10 comments to A personal message

  • unknown

    how much is the retrode

  • Andrew

    Congratulation on you son! Can you shoot out an email when the preorder site opens up again? Thanks!

  • AstralShane

    Thank you for the post!

    You work 80 – 90 hours a week and people complain about the Chinese workers (Foxconn) that work less than you?* No offsense to the Chinese workers, but 80 – 90 hours a week isn’t “right”; at least “our” standards over here across the pond. (USA).

    If I may ask, is this amount of hours standard for your location?


    • The problem is not the location, but my stage of an academic career, where I do not work for my formal employer as much as I do for my own research record. Combine that with an unfortunate bunching of extremely important deadlines, and you have the 80-90 hours I’m talking about. Fortunately, these times will be over in a few weeks, and there’s hope that the rest of the year will be a bit more laid back.

      • AstralShane

        Thanks for the clarification.
        Good luck with your career and take off as much time as you need. We can wait for our plugins.

        In other news, I got my Retrode today! It’s awesome and I can’t wait to start archiving my old games and playing them via OpenEmu.
        Thanks again for making one awesome product!

  • Loki

    No problem, Matthais! Enjoy your time off!

  • God Ginrai

    Matthias, while I anxiously await my plugins, (because I know how awesome they will be) I also know that everyone needs some time off and you are no exception.

    I’ve been following the Retrode since that initial post on GP32X where we encouraged you to make a product out of it. I am the proud owner of a Retrode 2, and I would love to see you take your project to new heights. But to do this, it is important that the Retrode does not become a burden to you. To make sure of this, taking breaks like this when it is starting to feel a little overwhelming are necessary and completely understandable.

    I hope you and your family have a great time during the break you take, and I look forward to your future ideas for the Retrode. :D

  • Ness and Sonic

    Even God gets one day a week off, so it’s understandable that you might need some kind of break from things every now and then for various reasons since you’re only human. Make the most of your time with your family, don’t want to take them for granted.

  • Seik

    This is totally understandable, Matthias.

    Get some time off, we all need it sometimes to stay sane.

    Live life to its fullest and share some quality time with your baby! :)