That's all, folks!

As of Summer 2013, we have stopped producing the Retrode and its accessories. If you want one, get one while our stock lasts – we still have a bunch of everything but no new ones will be made. Why? Because by “we” I really mean “I”, and I have taken on a full-time faculty position that is every bit as time-consuming as it is rewarding on a personal and professional level.
Of course, we’ll continue to provide user support through the usual channels, and the developer team will keep improving the features through occasional firmware updates.

Business folks – if you want to produce your own Retrodes (starts making sense at about 1000 units per batch), please write me with a brief resume of your experience in hardware manufacturing.

Thanks to all customers and contributors for your support!
Matthias Hullin

16 comments to That’s all, folks!

  • Joseph

    I would like to mirror Rick’s sentiment and question. I’ve stumbled upon this awesome device way too late and would REALLY like to buy one. There must be a site/way to purchase one.

  • Rick

    Any way to still pick one up somewhere… Doesn’t seem to be enough sold to have a “used” market on eBay or Amazon or anywhere else. Thanks :(

  • e


    Could you provide the plugins designs as well please?

    I’d like to build a gb adapter


  • Pedro Silva

    Hi! Any plans to produce extra GB adapter carts as they’re currently out of stock everywhere?

    Turbografx 16 and Atari 2600 ever making the cut would also be killer!

    Another question is… since the Master System is so straighforward for the Mega Drive port to do, does it actually work on real Mega Drives? Because I don’t have a Power Base converter as of now.


  • Sollux

    You should consider posting information on how to recreate the retrode for people who are handy with a soldering iron and ICs If this is the end, well unless someone of course takes this off your hands then just redirect us to the new manufacturer.

  • Christopher

    I’ve been wanting to buy a Retrode, but just couldn’t afford it (other financial priorities; $80-$90 is a lot of money to drop for an accessory). I’m saddened to read that you’ve stopped producing the Retrode. I hope you will either produce them again in the future, or sell it to someone else who will.

  • TysonTomko

    Thanks again for such a slammin product. This is one of the handiest devices I own and rest assured I’m going to be using it (and the many plugins) for a very long time.

    I will continue to check the site and the forums on a regular basis to keep in touch with things.

  • ppoint

    Love the Retrode. Want to thank you for your efforts, Matthias. Great work!

  • Ness and Sonic

    Kind of a shame production is being stopped, it’s actually a pretty cool device.

  • StarDust4Ever

    Any chance we get the 2600 adapter released? I could really use one as I have an extensive collection of 2600 carts. I’ve purchased the N64 and GBA adapters, but I haven’t seen a finished product for the 2600 version and I don’t have the resources to fabricate one myself.

  • Ramblin Ron

    Matthias, first of all congratulations to your new faculty position.
    I’d like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into the Retrode, its plugin-hardware and program code. This is an outstanding product like no other to preserve vintage gaming, and I’m enjoying it a lot for playing my old video games with it. If there are any future updates to your Retrode project, please let us know on I wish you all the best.

  • jean

    Just to thank you for this great device – now I could play SF IV with my old SNES controller :) no value, just fun

  • IcyEyeG

    Of course, your personal choice is to be respected, absolutely. Therefore, I’ll just say that if you ever see signs of the project going the abandonware route, please open source it, because, once you do it, it’ll never die.

  • 1. So far, everybody who asked me for the source was given access to the repository. There are already several people actively tinkering with it, and so can you. Open source in the GPL kind of sense? – Na-ah. Please respect this personal choice of mine which, by the way, is not necessarily the final word.

    2. I’m not “done with the Retrode”; we’re just no longer producing the device. With several palettes of Retrodes and plug-ins in stock, as well as ongoing product maintenance, the situation couldn’t possibly be further from the abandonware case you’re suggesting.

  • IcyEyeG

    Exactly, please open Retrode and give it to the community, if you are done with it. There’s no need for yet another abandonware in internet’s history! It doesn’t have to be the end of it, look at the case of MiniMig (!

  • slk

    If you’re basically done with the retrode, any plans to open up the firmware source on somewhere like github to potentially spur some interest in tinkering with it?