Retrode user develops NES plug-in

This just in: Regular contributor Wannado, over at the Retrode forums, just announced that he has been able to read NES cartridges through his self-built plug-in. We’re looking into ways for you to get your own NES plug-ins too, and to factor his firmware modifications into the next update.

7 comments to Retrode user develops NES plug-in

  • rick

    While it’s nice to see someone tinkering with the product still, it’s a bit useless for those of us who don’t actually have a retrode. The site says to buy while supplies last, and then the store page is gone. The retailer partners are out of stock. Unless we suddenly get an announcement of either “here are the schematics and open sourced firmware” or “yay we’re manufacturing again” is there any alternative hardware that we could buy? Is anyone else doing this, or has anyone managed to reverse engineer the retrode for a DIY version?

  • Tera

    Hello Matthias,

    Will the Retrode even get a reprint? It’s a shame the save transfer functionality wasn’t more prominently promoted because I find a lot of users interested after hearing about that who previously thought of the retrode as an emu assist tool. There are tons of save batteries selling daily on ebay on other sites offering the replacements as a mod service. Many get frustrated that there’s a high chance of loosing the save games when replacing them. I hope someday you make a come back with the Retrode and that this time it sells better with that crowd too.

    I’m still loving my Retrode but rather sad it’s support is dwindling. :(

  • zombie343

    So cool! Please keep posting more updates! I need a retrode!

  • Chris

    This is great to hear!
    I too ended up acquiring the Kazzo from INL (the nesdev community was very helpful when I was figuring out how to use it), but I would be interested in a more elegant solution.
    I hadn’t heard of/purchased the Retrode until not long before it was announced that it was being discontinued.
    I hope it makes a reappearance.

  • Dany

    Sounds very good! I recently ordered a Kazzo from Infinite NES Lives to dump my NES games, but a Retrode plugin would probably easier to use. I thought the Retrode was dead after production had stopped and the plugins sold out (which is a shame). Would be cool to see it come back to life!

  • God Ginrai

    Great to see an update from you, Matthias! This is exciting news! I hope more surprises like this will show up along the way. :)