New firmware beta3!

Dear Retrode Friends,

User Wannado has been doing some really great work on the firmware recently. After a long development hiatus, we are happy to offer you a new beta version that we hope will improve your Retrode experience in several ways (cartridge detection, etc.).

v0.18d beta 3 (2015-11-15)
- Changes by Wannado:
-- Major changes in the file system implementation to
simplify future development.
-- Streamlined initialization sequence.
-- Fixed "[forceSystem] GG" config setting not being
- Fixed the condition for SMS SRAM detection. Thanks to
user "R W" for contributing this fix.
Note that the whole SMS SRAM feature is still untested.

v0.18d beta 2 (2014-01-22)
- Fixed writing of GB saves larger than 8 kbytes.

Find it for download on the firmware page.

1 comment to New firmware beta3!

  • Chris B

    I just wanna say thanks to Wannado to take back the improvements of Retrode’s fw.
    I’ve just got the N64 plug in adapter and can’t wait to get the save feature. Since I don’t know anything about developing, the least I can do is expressing my gratitude !