A personal message

Update (March 22, 2013): We’re back! So the “a few weeks” turned out to be exactly 10 weeks and 2 days. Absolutely worth it — thank you for your patience. Matthias

Dear Retrode fans, German version / Deutsche Version

Not the kind of message you’d quite expect to hear from me these [...]

Anniversary Competition Aftermath: And The Winners Are...

Earlier this year, we celebrated the Retrode’s third anniversary with a big competition. A long time has passed since then, so for those of you who haven’t forgotten about this, here is finally the long overdue announcement of the outcome. (Even with a ton of work, a newborn baby and lots of sleepless nights, [...]

Plug-in adapters available for pre-order

February 2012 plug-in prototypes (final N64 version will have different print and two controller connectors)

Finally, some news on the plug-in front! We’ve found a supplier for cartridge shells, and we’ve got some estimates from people who can equip them with the proper cutouts. The electronic side had been finalized a while ago, so we [...]

USB cable trouble?

We’ve only just become aware of a problem that may affect some Retrodes manufactured between Dec 2011 and June 2012: the USB connector sits so far back that the connection can be unreliable as a result. This depends on the type of cable used. If you have the impression that your USB cable is sitting [...]

Retrode-to-console conversion, Part 1

Finally found a little time to destroy my new Raspberry Pi. Check it out:

Retail packaging

Effective immediately, Retrodes shipping from our warehouse will come in a pretty custom box. At last, no more ugly gray cardboard abominations!

Firmware update – Lots of good new stuff

Button mapping for HID mode selection

Dear all,

A firmware update is knocking on the door. Besides a few technicalities, there are two main features in the new version: support for two N64 controllers (yay! Played my first round of Super Mario 64 last night, with proper analogue controls), and an option to set the HID Mode [...]