Mac users, rejoice!

Retrode Utility – Editing config file

Frustrated with the way that Mac OS X handles Plug and Play devices, specifically his Retrode, [cyco] decided to do something about it. He has developed Retrode Utility, an extremely useful tool that allows OSX users to edit their Retrode’s config and install firmware updates without having to use the [...]

Sega Pico Plug-in adapter is the latest addition to the Retrode family

Pico Plug-in adapter

crazy2001 over on the forums has been hard at work. Knowing that the Sega Pico was based on the Megadrive, he set out to make a plug-in adapter to read the Pico ‘books’ on his Retrode. He was kind enough to send over some instructions on how to build one:

Retrode Sega PICO [...]

Sega Master System and Game Gear Plug-in adapter

As previously reported, Matthias and myself have been working on a Master System and Game Gear plug-in adapter.

I am very pleased to now say that we have a fully working adapter, which (I think) will go into production at some point later in the year.

You can read all about how it came to be over [...]