New firmware beta3!

Dear Retrode Friends,

User Wannado has been doing some really great work on the firmware recently. After a long development hiatus, we are happy to offer you a new beta version that we hope will improve your Retrode experience in several ways (cartridge detection, etc.).

v0.18d beta 3 (2015-11-15)
- Changes by Wannado:
– Major changes in the file [...]

Retrode is back!

The Retrode is available again! Our friends at DragonBox have started manufacturing the device under our license. Check their web site for updates.

Retrode user develops NES plug-in

This just in: Regular contributor Wannado, over at the Retrode forums, just announced that he has been able to read NES cartridges through his self-built plug-in. We’re looking into ways for you to get your own NES plug-ins too, and to factor his firmware modifications into the next update.

That's all, folks!

As of Summer 2013, we have stopped producing the Retrode and its accessories. If you want one, get one while our stock lasts – we still have a bunch of everything but no new ones will be made. Why? Because by “we” I really mean “I”, and I have taken on a full-time faculty position [...]


Simply put, Retrode fan [crazy2001] has been hard at work to bring support for the V.Smile series of learning consoles

(V.Smile, V.Smile Motion and V.Smile Baby) to the Retrode.

Wiring and notes about this plugin are available HERE

Important firmware update for SMS plug-in

After some users reported trouble accessing their SMS cartridges, I took the opportunity to update the firmware to the latest version of Dean Camera’s USB library LUFA, and get a few other long-overdue items off my todo list. I highly recommend all SMS plug-in users to update their Retrodes to firmware v0.18c-alpha3 or later, even [...]

A personal message

Update (March 22, 2013): We’re back! So the “a few weeks” turned out to be exactly 10 weeks and 2 days. Absolutely worth it — thank you for your patience. Matthias

Dear Retrode fans, German version / Deutsche Version

Not the kind of message you’d quite expect to hear from me these [...]