Anniversary Competition Aftermath: And The Winners Are...

Earlier this year, we celebrated the Retrode’s third anniversary with a big competition. A long time has passed since then, so for those of you who haven’t forgotten about this, here is finally the long overdue announcement of the outcome. (Even with a ton of work, a newborn baby and lots of sleepless nights, [...]

Mac users, rejoice!

Retrode Utility – Editing config file

Frustrated with the way that Mac OS X handles Plug and Play devices, specifically his Retrode, [cyco] decided to do something about it. He has developed Retrode Utility, an extremely useful tool that allows OSX users to edit their Retrode’s config and install firmware updates without having to use the [...]

Plug-in adapters available for pre-order

February 2012 plug-in prototypes (final N64 version will have different print and two controller connectors)

Finally, some news on the plug-in front! We’ve found a supplier for cartridge shells, and we’ve got some estimates from people who can equip them with the proper cutouts. The electronic side had been finalized a while ago, so we [...]

USB cable trouble?

We’ve only just become aware of a problem that may affect some Retrodes manufactured between Dec 2011 and June 2012: the USB connector sits so far back that the connection can be unreliable as a result. This depends on the type of cable used. If you have the impression that your USB cable is sitting [...]

Retail packaging

Effective immediately, Retrodes shipping from our warehouse will come in a pretty custom box. At last, no more ugly gray cardboard abominations!

Firmware update – Lots of good new stuff

Button mapping for HID mode selection

Dear all,

A firmware update is knocking on the door. Besides a few technicalities, there are two main features in the new version: support for two N64 controllers (yay! Played my first round of Super Mario 64 last night, with proper analogue controls), and an option to set the HID Mode [...]

Packaging Fantasies

No text today :)