New Tutorial for Windows Users

Our new tutorial section is beginning to grow – our old friend Muzer has just written up a detailed tutorial for Windows users. If you are having trouble setting up your Retrode, make sure to check it out. Thanks Muzer for your effort!

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Firmware Update: Controllers

We recently received reports about glitches with the SNES controller readout (controller doesn’t work, sometimes works, or goes nuts when you press B button). If you are suffering from such problems, please make sure to flash your device to the latest firmware v0.17f, and let us know if it helps. We consider this an essential [...]

Plug-In Prototypes

At last, I have managed to find some time and prepare a set of plug-in prototypes! Those beauties are already pretty close to the real production run that is planned for later this year. The three models are as follows:

Game Boy (GB/GBC/GBA) plug-in with additional unpopulated N64 slot because, well, why not? :)
Nintendo 64 [...]

Call for Tutorials / Documentation

Dear all,

We are currently in the process of gathering step-by-step tutorials that provide assistance through the process of setting up your Retrode under various operating systems and emulators. We hope that these tutorials will be of use for people who are new to emulation and USB game controllers.

Our first entry explains the setup of the [...]

Return of the Newsletter

Dear all,

Just a quick note that the next issue of the newsletter will be coming out in a few days. We have switched our subscriber database from fully hand-operated to a more sophisticated system provided by our web hosting company. So it is finally possible again to subscribe to the latest in Retrode news. To [...]

Firmware v0.17d beta

… find it here! As always, I’m interested in your feedback. This version should solve most issues with Sega SRAM. Make sure to set "[segaSram16bit] 1" in the config! Also, a whole range of controller configurations is provided; the new-old Keyboard mode should provide perfect compatibility even using the weirdest OS X emulators, and let [...]

Linux, XMBC and the Retrode

Erik of Doodlejiggy shows how easy it is to use XBMC and the Retrode to set up a full featured Linux based retro console.


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