World’s Smallest Multi-Cartridge Console

Quite a while back, I set out to squeeze a Raspberry Pi into my Retrode, aiming to combine both into what I believe is the "World’s Smallest Multi-Cartridge Console"… (feel free to convince me otherwise)

Lots of things happened in the meantime, so it was only last week that I finally managed to wrap everything up. [...]

Improving obscure plug-in adapters

New: if you want to test Muzer’s latest improvements on VCS2600 and TG16/PCE support, please try Firmware v0.18b alpha for Retrode 1 and Retrode 2. Please find updating instructions on this page.

My (incredibly messy) workspace for Retrode development

Many design and development decisions that turned the Retrode into its current form originate from community input. [...]

Retrode-to-console conversion, Part 1

Finally found a little time to destroy my new Raspberry Pi. Check it out:

iPad, meet the Retrode

Great news, everybody! Starting with firmware v0.17d (coming up in a few days), the Retrode will be fully compatible to the iCade protocol, meaning that you can use it to connect original SNES and Sega controllers to iPad! Watch Phil Howard of Gadgetoid UK, who also suggested this new feature, give it a test run [...]

Pictures! Pictures!

Final samples are in – painted and printed! In other words, full steam ahead for mass production of the Retrode 2. (Click on the pictures to embiggen.)

Plug-in Preparations

Me, developing SMS plug-in

PCB Layout

There are times in life when you can only sit and wait. Not here, not now. In the time that the plastic cases are taking to arrive, I figured I might as well do something useful, and started to look into plug-ins some more.

Thanks to our old friend [JonY] (who [...]

Back in Black

Good news! I just received a set of case samples that were made on the actual injection tool that will also stamp out the production Retrode cases in a short while. They’re looking really good. Contrary to what I was told beforehand, natural ABS cannot be obtained in transparent, so it’s going to have to [...]