Half a tonne of steel

Good news — the mould layout is finished. The tool will weigh more than 500kg! Pretty impressive, thinks Dr. Retrode, while he waves his go-ahead.

Retrode 2 Modding: Call for Embedded Linux Experts

A somewhat awkward thing about the Retrode has always been how huge its case is — particularly when compared to the little amount of electronics contained in it. Well, I guess this just comes naturally, given the size of the vintage cartridges the Retrode has to accommodate. On the other hand, I always wondered what [...]

New firmware version comes knocking - please beta test

Dear all,

After quite a while (like, half a year or so), here’s another update for your Retrode. The latest “stable” version remains the old v0.15u for now, but the beta is what should become the new v0.16a soon. The changes are mostly hidden under the surface (upward compatibility to future hardware*), so the update will [...]

Neo Geo Pocket plug-in ??? (Japanese)

This just in: looks as if a Japanese Retrode user has managed to build and run a plug-in adapter for Neo Geo Pocket games. Unfortunately my Japanese is, uhm, rather weak. Any Japanese speaker care to translate? Also, does anyone know the NGP’s bank switching mechanism for >16Mbit carts? With the proper knowledge, it should [...]

Current ratings

I just took an ampèremeter and measured the current that my Retrode draws from the USB port, with and without the 3.3V voltage converter, and also the additional current when cartridges are inserted and idle or busy. Turns out that typical current consumption will be between 20 and 50 mA. The extreme case is a [...]

Why I like the N64

Now guess why I’m not particularly keen to do NES and ColecoVision :-)

Mac users with config/SRAM writing issues?

I am currently investigating a case where the Retrode doesn’t seem to work the way it should. In particular, it appears as if under MacOS, write accesses to the Retrode (config file, SRAM) are sometimes ignored and the files are not written correctly. For instance, after saving the config file from a text editor and [...]