Improving obscure plug-in adapters

New: if you want to test Muzer’s latest improvements on VCS2600 and TG16/PCE support, please try Firmware v0.18b alpha for Retrode 1 and Retrode 2. Please find updating instructions on this page.

My (incredibly messy) workspace for Retrode development

Many design and development decisions that turned the Retrode into its current form originate from community input. [...]

Current ratings

I just took an ampèremeter and measured the current that my Retrode draws from the USB port, with and without the 3.3V voltage converter, and also the additional current when cartridges are inserted and idle or busy. Turns out that typical current consumption will be between 20 and 50 mA. The extreme case is a [...]

Mac users with config/SRAM writing issues?

I am currently investigating a case where the Retrode doesn’t seem to work the way it should. In particular, it appears as if under MacOS, write accesses to the Retrode (config file, SRAM) are sometimes ignored and the files are not written correctly. For instance, after saving the config file from a text editor and [...]

New firmware feature: user config file

Little file, big difference

While doing some minor tweaking on the firmware, I almost accidentally came up with a nice and straightforward way of turning the Retrode to some extent user-configurable. The root directory now contains a plain text file named snega2usb.cfg retrode.cfg, something like the following:

SNES gamepad extension working

Over the last few days I implemented firmware support for SNES gamepads, with each gamepad appearing as its own USB keyboard for maximum compatibility. Thing is, though, that SNES gamepad connectors can nowadays hardly be obtained in larger quantities, so I have to leave this as a little soldering exercise for those who want to [...]

Accessing the SRAM chip on the SNES cartridge

After quite some trouble trying to access the SRAM on the cartridge, I thought I would share the results here.

Unfortunately, I could not get the suggestions from DiskDude’s otherwise ultra-helpful SNES Kart document to work, so I had to do a bit of my own reverse engineering. The main issue is getting the SRAM chip’s [...]