Retrode on Linux/PS3/Dockstar

Yes, world, it works on PS3 also! Hunter Davis of tested the Retrode 2 on various devices including PS3 and Android 4.0!  His blog illustrates how you can use an original SNES Controller and Cartridge with your PC, PS3, or Dockstar. additionally reports that the Retrode works fine on a stock PS3, as [...]

Neo Geo Pocket plug-in ??? (Japanese)

This just in: looks as if a Japanese Retrode user has managed to build and run a plug-in adapter for Neo Geo Pocket games. Unfortunately my Japanese is, uhm, rather weak. Any Japanese speaker care to translate? Also, does anyone know the NGP’s bank switching mechanism for >16Mbit carts? With the proper knowledge, it should [...]

First Retrode Meeting in Cambridge, MA

Dear friends in the Greater Boston area,

I’ll be coming to Cambridge in a little bit, and figured this might be a nice opportunity to meet local Retrode users and chat about this and that over a beer. I will bring my Retrode, a bunch of SNES gamepads and a laptop, so if you have any [...]

User story #1: Virtual Boy adapter

Retrode user [JonY] from Leicester (UK) stumbled across a document that describes how to read Virtual Boy cartridges using a Genesis dumper.Starting with a PCMCIA connector and the cart of his least favourite Mega Drive game, he began connecting the address and data lines, as well as voltage supply and the chip enable signal. Some [...]

User stories

There goes the first flush of brand new Retrodes, and back comes a lot of joy. The first thing I’d do when unpacking my Retrode is probably to try it “as is”, but others had controller adapters prepared before they even received the device. Thanks for reminding me that my own controller solution was long overdue. [...]