How to ...

How to… connect the Retrode:

  1. Bring some basic knowledge about today’s computing machinery.
  2. Connect the Retrode.

(Dude. If that’s not gonna get me sued in the US, I don’t know what is.)

How to… insert game cartridges:

First of all, don’t use violence. If it doesn’t fit, there might be a reason.

segaSlot This is the slot for *Genesis cartridges.
snesSlot This is the *SNES slot.
cartOrientation The artwork must always be facing outwards.

How to… configure your OS:

Simply associate .sfc files with the *SNES emulator of your choice, and .bin ones with your favorite *Genesis emulator.

How to… configure your *SNES emulator:

All the emulator really needs to know is where to find the savegame (SRAM) file for each game.

  1. Connect the Retrode and find out its path, or drive letter. Here, let’s assume it is F:
  2. Remove any cartridges from their slots.
  3. Start your emulator. Here, let’s assume it’s snes9x for Windows.
  4. Open the settings dialog, and tell it where to find SRAM files. Here, we would first select Saves from the drop-down list, then enter F: into the edit field marked in red.
  5. (If your emulator doesn’t have a GUI, edit its config file accordingly.)
  6. Quit the emulator.
  7. Insert a game cartridge.
  8. Load the ROM file from the Retrode into the emulator, and see if the savegame gets loaded too.

How to… update the firmware:

Please see this page for details.