Problem: I think I have a problem.

Solution: Clean all of your cartridges. No, really. I’ve spent countless hours tracking down “bugs”, just to find out the cart was gunky.

Problem: The USB connection is unreliable.

Solution: Devices made in the first half of 2012 have an issue with an USB connector that sits slightly too far back inside the case. There is an easy fix: simply use a cutter knife to remove a little bit of rubber from the connector on the USB cable, like this:

Problem: The Retrode is not recognized correctly.

Solution: Some devices have erroneously been shipped with a faulty USB cable, in particular a charging cable that doesn’t transmit data. In case you cannot find a suitable cable (USB A to mini-B), please let us know at and we’ll send you a replacement.

If this is not your problem,

  • Windows users: Sometimes Windows gets the USB drivers wrong and you need to trigger re-detection. To do so, please start the registry editor as an administrator, search for keys that contain the string “Vid_0403&Pid_97c” (Retrode identifier) and delete them all. This will
    basically clear Windows’ entire memory of that USB device, and next time
    you connect the Retrode, it will re-initialize all the drivers.
  • Linux users: Please include a lsusb dump.

Problem: My game doesn’t work.

Solution: A good cleaning job can work wonders. Try a cotton swab and some pure alcohol (methanol, ethanol, isopropanol. NO aceton or other aggressive stuff!!!) to remove gunk from the cartridge contacts. This will most likely help in cases where the presence of a game gets recognized but the checksum test fails, or the filename looks fishy.
If the problem persists, please report to Make sure to include the following information:

  • Title of game
  • System (*SNES/*Genesis)
  • Region of Game, video standard (PAL/NTSC)
  • Does the ROM part work? If so, does the SRAM work (if available)?
  • Do you get a filename with a reasonable title and size (file size in megabytes = ROM size in megabits / 8)?
  • Operating system and name of emulator
  • Are there any error messages from your OS or emulator?
  • What other games are working fine?
  • etc.

If you also attach a copy of the broken dump, perhaps I can track down the problem.

Problem: I’m trying to save the config or SRAM to the Retrode, but it doesn’t keep the data.

Solution: Please see this page for more information on the problem.