The Retrode project would not have been possible without the help of many people.
In particular, we thank (in no particular order; please let me know if I accidentally missed you):

  • [ElmarE] and [JohannesS] for lending me piles of original hardware to test the device on.
  • [ColdFace], [MikeP], [AdamW], [JonY] and [EricZ] for additional testing.
  • [JonY] again, for coming up with zillions of plug-in adapters, and sending me his SMS plug-in prototype and other goodies.
  • [ponrev] for sending me tons of original NGP hardware, and pioneering the NGP plug-in.
  • [JonY] again, for coming up with zillions of plug-in adapters.
  • [ElBarto] and [Eke-Eke] for their explanations on the Genesis SRAM mapping (and EEPROM, for that matter).
  • [IainB] for hosting the forum.
  • [BryanC] for testing the Game Boy plug-in.
  • [FelixV] for providing tons of ideas from the very first day, and being the first to test the Retrode on a Wii.
  • [ayasuke] for thorough testing.
  • [EvilDragon] for spreading the word (and soon, also the thing itself).
  • [StoneAgeGamer] for taking care of US folks.
  • [RetroCollect/Cauterize], [Hack A Day/GerritCoetzee/MikeSzczys] for covering the project on their sites.
  • [Dean Camera] for his awesome LUFA library.
  • [Raphaël Assénat] for providing documentation on controller protocols, and insight into his controller-to-USB adapters.

Tech Links

The internet is home to quite a few excellent console-related tech sites out there. On this page, I will list a few that I found particularly useful. Please note that I do not own these sites and I am not responsible for their contents.

Retrode hardware / USB / FAT16

LUFA library by Dean Camera

Microsoft’s FAT16/FAT32 specification


SNES Kart by DiskDude

SNES Controller/Mouse Protocol by Raphaël Assenat


SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive cartridge pinout

Sonic&Knuckles lock-on tech


N64 Tech

Excellent description of the N64 cartridge access protocol


GBA cart pinout

Excellent GB tech repository with MBC substitute circuits and all

GB cartridge header description

More GB cartridge header

GB memory manager (MBC5) in detail


Atari 2600 bank switching description by Kevin Horton